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I am fortunate to be surrounded by a small circle of patrons, friends and family. This page is for you. Without you the events would not happen. Your encouragement and support does not  go unnoticed and I am grateful.

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You can also view some images of past events in the albums held on my Facebook account by using this button. 
"In his works Tommy makes a visual analysis of the structure of the object and the spirit that resides in its memory. Somehow they remain silent witnesses of the past, reminding us that life and bloom will continue no matter what the political, social and religious circumstances are."

Ioana Filipescu Ph.D.
Curator and historian
National Museum of Art, Cluj-napoca, Romania

Exhibitions have been arranged however it will only be possible to set dates as control of the pandemic improves.

     Better times are coming and when they do 
     come along if you can and please say hello.
A famous aphorism by Gustav Maller is that “tradition is not the preservation of the ashes, but rather the transmission of fire”. This is an appropriate short definition of what is achieved by Tommy Barr through his works and his exhibitions.
Lyudmila Dimitrova
Bulgarian State Cultural Institute