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Current memberships

International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (executive member)
International Society of Speleological Artists
Royal Society of Arts (fellow) 

Selected solo exhibitions

2022    My covid diary, 4th floor, Picasso Building, Chandigarh, India
2020    Un Beau Refuge, Massey University, New Zealand
2019    Eternal Circle, Sunoko Old School, Fukuoka, Japan
2019    Little Echoes, National Museum of Malta, Valletta
2017    Retrospective exhibition, Old Town Hall Gallery, Banbridge, N. Ireland
2017    Our Woodlands, National Museum of Art, Romania
2016    Eternal Circle and the Forest Deep, National Museum of Unification, Romania
2016    Un Beau Refuge, French Cultural Centre, Boston, USA
2015    Eternal Circle, Chateau Kroměříž, Czech Republic
2013    Eternal Circle, Bulgarian State Cultural Institute, Mission Gallery, Sofia
2012    Un Beau Refuge, German Huguenot Museum
2010    Un Beau Refuge, Musée Rochelais, La Rochelle, France
2009    Brown Bull Walking, National Museum of Ireland
2006    Placing Saint Patrick, National Museums Northern Ireland, Armagh

Selected collaborative exhibitions

2019    Face to Face, Biserica Fortificata Cincsor, Transylvania (2 person)
2018    Manifestations of Space, Gallery Viseslav, Nin, Croatia (4 person)
2018    Artists’ residency exhibition, National Museum of Art, Romania (2 person)
2013    Meanings, Gallery Stalowa, Warsaw, Poland (3 person)
2009    Ministry of Culture, Shredets Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (3 person)
2008    Taksim Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul, Turkey (2 person) 
2007    70th anniversary exhibition, Casa Cultural, Gernika, Spain (5 person)
2006    EU Spring Exhibition, Orient Gallery, Amman, Jordan (6 person)

Selected group exhibitions​

2022    Gallerie Schaeffer, Oslo, Norway
2022    Ventipertrenta 18, MIDAC Museum, Belforte del Chienti, Italy
2021    Palace of Crafts, St Petersburg, Russia
2021    Bienala Albastră (Blue Biennale), Brașov, Romania
2021    Interconnections 2021, Gallery Roberto, Festival Mall, Philippines
2020    European International Art Book Biennale, Karolyi Castle Museum, Carei, Transylvania
2020    Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
2019    Jubilee exhibition, Czech Association of Arts (by special invitation)
2019    Art Curator Gallery, Capetown, South Africa
2018    Sri Sri University, Orissa, India
2017    Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2015    Sandol Arts Centre, Gunsan North Jeolla Provence, S. Korea
2014    Invited Artist - Dublin Biennial, Ireland
2011    National Museum of Russian Art, Kiev, Ukraine
2011    Cavafy Museum, Alexandria, Egypt
2009    Regional Gallery of Rabat, Morocco 
2008    Croatian Academy of Science and Art, Palace Milesi, Split, Croatia
2006    Delegates Hall, United Nations Building, New York, USA
2005    Central Academy of Art, Beijing, PR China
2005    Arad State Theatre and Museum of Arts, Romania

Selected illustrated talks and lectures

2022    Chitkara University, Punjab, India
2022    Mount Wachusett College, Boston USA
2020    France & Beyond conference, Massey University, New Zealand
2017    National Museum of Art, Romania
2016    Lesley University College of Art, Cambridge, USA
2015    Muzeum Kroměřížska, Czech Republic
2014    School SJK Chung Wah, Malaysia
2013    Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, USA
2013    Belfast City Hall, N. Ireland
2012    Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Ireland

Works in selected major public collections

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art 
National Gallery (Foreign Art), Sofia, Bulgaria
French National Archive 
National Museum of Arts, Cluj, Romania
National Museum of Archaeology, Malta, Valletta
National Museum of Ireland
National Museums Northern Ireland 
Cavafy Museum, Alexandria, Egypt
PGU Zilina, Slovakia
Sasaran Museum of Art, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
Borobudur Temple Museum, Magelang, Indonesia

Works in selected academic collections

Chitkara University, Punjab, India
Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, Japan
Sri Sri University, Orissa, India
Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts, Egypt
National Museum of Bulgaria, Academy of Science and Arts
International Academy of Digital Arts and Science, New York, USA
Belarus State Academy of Arts, Minsk​

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"Tommy Barr is a Northern Irish artist, his work is rooted in cultural identity. He has a gift for conveying a narrative that is based on specific and important events, but honing in on their universal and cross-cultural references. His works share, inform, or challenge perceptions."
Kim Goldsmith
Art and objects conservator and curator
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

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