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International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (executive member)
International Society of Speleological Artists
Royal Society of Arts (fellow) 

Selected exhibitions

2021    Bienala Albastră (Blue Biennale), Brașov, Romania
            Manila Bang - Interconnections 2021, Gallery Roberto, Festival Mall, Philippines
            Solo Exhibition - Un Beau Refuge, St Columbkille, Termonmaguirke, N. Ireland
            31st International Invitational Salon, New Arts Program Gallery, Kutztown, USA

2020    Black and white sketches in Quarantine, online project based in Amman, Jordan
            5th European International Art Book Biennale, Karolyi Castle Museum, Carei, Transylvania
            Hello World, online project organised by Trans-Cultural Exchange, Boston, USA 
            Un beau refuge (virtual opening via H-France), Massey University, New Zealand
            JR 100+ exhibition, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
            Caronasituation, online project via Hovinkartano Arts Centre, Finland
            Pandemic Art, online project + exhibition at Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Napoli, Italy
            27th Anniversary exhibition, State of Mexico Watercolour Museum, Toluca 

2019    Face to Face, Biserica Fortificata Cincsor, Transylvania, Romania (with Frank Hohler)
            Colours of the Rainbow Nation, Art Curator Gallery, Lourensford Estate, Capetown, S. Africa
            Solo exhibition - Eternal Circle, Sunoko Old School, Fukuoka, Japan
            Jubilee exhibition, Czech Association of Arts, based in Gallery Orlovna 
            Inaugural exhibition, Sanskriti Art Gallery, Rajasthan. India 
            Solo exhibition - Little echoes, National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta, Malta
            21 Peron International, Izmit Historical Station Gallery, Turkey
            The Path of the Great Union, Armagh County Museum, N.Ireland (with Mirela Ungureanu)

2018    Peace and Love, Maltese Hall, Strakonice Castle, Czech Republic 
            Artists’ residency exhibition - National Museum of Art, Romania (with Mirela Ungureanu)
            IWS Festival Exhibition, Manes Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
            Love to Art, The City Palace, Udaipur, India 
            Artists’ residency exhibition - Sri Sri University, Orissa, India

2017    International Artists’ Collection, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
            The Nature of Small Fatra, Budatinsky Hrad, Zilina, Slovakia
            Solo exhibition - Un Beau Refuge, Gallery U Artus, Kromeriz, Czech Republic
            Solo exhibition - Our Woodlands, National Museum of Art, Romania
            International Artswitch, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
            Retrospective exhibition - Old Town Hall Gallery, Banbridge, N. Ireland

2016    Solo Exhibitions - Eternal Circle and the Forest Deep, National Museum of Romania
            5th European Speleological Congress, Dalesbridge Centre, Dales National Park, UK.
            Solo Exhibition - Un Beau Refuge, The French Church, Portarlington, Ireland
            Annual Spring Art Exhibition, DP Dhar Trust, Kashmir, India
            Collection of the Inter-Art Foundation, National Library of Romania, Bucharest
            50 Shades of Red, Herter Gallery, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA 
            Solo Exhibition - Un Beau Refuge, French Cultural Centre, Boston, USA

2015    Ukraine-Europe, City Hall, Kiev, Ukraine 
            Liberation 70th Anniversary, Sandol Arts Centre, Gunsan North Jeolla Provence, S. Korea
            Solo Exhibition - Eternal Circle, Chateau Kroměříž & Galerie Artuše, Czech Republic
            Intercultural Links Exhibition, United Nations Palace, Geneva, Switzerland

2014    Art in the Air, Sasaran, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
            Collection of the Inter-Art Foundation, Muzeul Naţional a Transilvanie, Romania
            Invited Artist - Dublin Biennial, Ireland
            Presenting Cultures, Atelier of Alexandria, Egypt
            Solo Exhibition - The first years of agreement, Chateau du Bost, Bellerive, France
            Hallhato Hang Foundation, Vidovszky Bela Gallery, Gyomaendrod, Hungary
            Terchova Symposium of Modern painting, Slovakia

2013    Meanings, Gallery Stalowa, Warsaw, Poland
            Peace and Harmony, Palmira Palace, Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine
            Expozitia de Tabara Internationala, Inter-Art Galleries, Aiud, Romania
            Without Borders, Altiero Spinelli Building, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
            Nations-Water-Culture, UN Headquarters, New York, USA
            Solo Exhibition - Eternal Circle, Bulgarian State Cultural Institute, Mission Gallery

2012    Solo Exhibition - Un Beau Refuge, German Huguenot Museum
            Installation - Globalisation-Connections-Time, Kunsthalle, Hanover, Germany
            Solo Exhibition - Sticks & Stones, Chapel of St John’s Church, Edinburgh, Scotland
            Berlin Biennale, Germany (with Art-Wiki Group)

2011    The Palette of Freedom Project, National Museum of Russian Art, Kiev, Ukraine
            Inaugural Exhibition, Cavafy Museum, Alexandria, Egypt
            Solo Exhibition - Un Beau Refuge, The Island (Lisburn City Gallery), N. Ireland
            Conexiuni, Muzeul de Istorie, Aiud, Romania
            International Society of Speleological Artists, Buxton City Museum & Gallery, England

2010    Solo Exhibition - Un Beau Refuge, Greyfriars Municipal Gallery, Waterford, Ireland
            Solo Exhibition - Sacred Trees, Glastonbury Abbey, Vale of Avalon, England
            Solo Exhibition - Un Beau Refuge, Musée Rochelais, La Rochelle, France
            Solo Exhibition - 5th International Huguenot Congress, University of Ulster, N. Ireland

2009    Cigognes et Nature, Regional Gallery of Rabat, Morocco 
            L' Association Marocaine des Arts, group exhibition, Gallery Bab Fez, Sale, Morocco
            Solo Exhibition - Brown Bull Walking, National Museum of Ireland Gallery 
            International Society of Speleological Artists, Wells Museum, Somerset, England
            Solo Installation - Echoes, Fourknocks Passage Tomb, Meath, Ireland
            Solo Exhibition - Brú na Bóinne, (Newgrange & Knowth), Ireland
            Installation - PLUS YOU, Woburn Studios, Slade School of Art, London, England

2008    International Symposium of the Art Book, Cairo Atelier, Egypt
            Mediteran 2008, Croatian Academy of Science and Art, Palace Milesi, Split, Croatia
            Trogir Municipal Museum, Cate Dujsin-Ribar Gallery, Croatia
            Installation - Urikivi Puut, Uhrikivi Sacred Site, Finland (with Josef Hasenöhrl)
            Never Dream, Hovinkartano Gallery, Hämeenlinna, Finland
            IS MISE exhibition, 411 Galleries, Shanghai, PR China
            Solo Exhibition - The shape of things remaining, Cavan County Museum, Ireland
            Installation - Labor, Kunstraum, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

2007    International Society of Speleological Artists, Wells Museum, Somerset, England
            Lessedra 6, Sofia, Bulgaria
            Shelter (70th anniversary exhibition), Casa Cultural, Gernika, Spain
            Connecting Art, A visual walk in the old city, City Museum, Xanthi, Greece

2006    Le ciel rouge, Gallery 13 Bis, St-Pierre, Reunion 
            Connecting Art, Cilaos Cultural Centre, St.Pierre, Reunion
            Dialogues #1, Gallery Vlassis, Thessolonika, Greece
            ConnectingArt, Delegates Hall, United Nations Building, New York, USA
            Solo Exhibition - Placing Saint Patrick, National Museums Northern Ireland (Armagh)
            The European Union Spring Exhibition, Orient Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2005    6X6 Showcase, Central Academy of Art, Beijing, PR China
            Karantina Adasi, Urla Tahaffuzhane, Izmir, Turkey
            Güzelyali Cultural Center, Izmir, Turkey
            Solo Exhibition - Complex primitive, Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick, N. Ireland 
            Biennale of Contemporary Arts, Arad State Theatre and Museum of Arts, Romania

Selected festivals

2021    European Cultural Heritage Initiative (EHOD), European Union (Solo)
2021    Artmedia 10th Anniversary Celebrations, Ukraine and Russia (Group)
2021    Euroasian Guild Festival, Borovoe Resort, Kazakhstan (with Artmedia)
2019    Kyusyu International Festival, Fukuoka, Japan (Group)
2019    Jubilee of the Czech Association of Arts (Solo, by special invitation)
2018    Centenary of the Great Union, Romania (Residency)
2018    IWS International Watercolour Festival, Prague, Czech Republic (Group)
2018    Face II Face India International Arts Festival, Rajasthan, India (Group)
2017    Yogyakarta International Arts Festival, Indonesia (Group)
2017    Festival Forfest XXVIII, Kroměříž, Czech Republic (Solo)
2017    European Cultural Heritage Initiative (EHOD), European Union (Solo)
2016    Festival Francais de Portarlington, Ireland (Solo)
2016    International Spring Art Kashmir, India (Group)
2015    Festival Forfest XXVI, Kroměříž, Czech Republic (Solo)
2014    Sasaran International Art Festival, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia (Group)
2014    Bos’Art Festival, Vichy, France (Guest of Honour)
2013    Programme for the Irish Presidency of the EU (Solo)
2013    Bulgarian National Day (Solo)
2012    Edinburgh Festival, Scotland (Solo) 
2012    Culture Works Festival, Toronto, Canada (with TransCultural Exchange)
2011    Cavafia (12th), Cairo - Alexandria, Egypt (Group)
2010    La Nuit des Musées, France (Solo)
2009    Printemps des Arts, Region of Rabat, Morocco (Group)
2007    Aniversario 70, Gernika, Spain (Group)
2007    Cultural Events in the old city, Xanthi, Greece (with ConnectingArt)
2006    Saint Patrick's Day, Ireland (Solo)

Selected projects

Colours of Life, International Heritage Festival (with Art Pivot)
2021    Gallery FourLife, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Tenth Anniversary Exhibitions (with Artmedia)
2021    Launch event, Sputnik in Crimea (national broadcast)
2021    Lake of Dreams Gallery, Evpatoria
2021    Russo Touristo, Simferopol
2021    Lotus Valley, Krasnodar Krai
2021    Gallery 2, Palace of Crafts, St Petersburg
2021    Alusta

Manifestations of Space (with Jasna Barisic, Branka Ridicki and Andrea Musa)
2018    Gallery Viseslav, Nin, Croatia
2018    The Island (Lisburn City Gallery), N. Ireland

Symbols (with Daniela Todorova and Todor Todorov)
2010    Ministry of Justice, Atrium Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2009    Ministry of Culture, Shredets Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

​Stand my ground, Stand your ground (with Ozlem Kalkan Erenus)
2009 Trans Cultural Exchange Conference, Boston, USA
2008 Taksim Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul, Turkey 
2008 Tower Museum, Londonderry, N. Ireland

Selected illustrated talks and lectures

2021    Painting in our native tongue, Mount Wachusett College, Boston, USA
2020    Huguenot legacy in Ireland, France & Beyond conference, Massey University, New Zealand
2019    Irish Art, Cincsor Art Centre, Romania
2017    A 5000 year Journey in Irish Art, National Museum of Art, Romania
2017    Un Beau Refuge, Muzeum Kroměřížska, Czech Republic
2016    Visiting lecture, Lesley University College of Art, Cambridge, USA
2015    From the Stone Age to the Troubles, Muzeum Kroměřížska, Czech Republic
2014    Irish Art, School SJK Chung Wah, Malaysia
2013    Irish Art - A short history, Inter-Art Foundation, Transylvania, Romania
2013    Invited speaker, NY Internet Week, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, USA
2013    Momentum in the creative sector, Belfast City Hall, N. Ireland
2012    Material Culture, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Ireland

Selected Workshops & Residencies

Teaching workshops           Ireland, England, Morocco, France, Czech Republic and India
Studio based workshops    Turkey, Jordan, Spain, Finland, Croatia, Egypt, Morocco, Ukraine,
                                            Romania, Slovakia, France, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Japan
Open day        Royal Albert Memorial Museum, England
Residencies    Sri Sri University, India
                        National Museum of art, Romania

Works in selected major public collections (since 2005)

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art 
National Gallery (Foreign Art), Sofia, Bulgaria
French National Archive 
National Museum of Arts, Cluj, Romania
National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta, Malta
National Museum of Ireland
National Museums Northern Ireland (Armagh)
National Museum (of Unification), Romania
Bulgarian State Cultural Institute
Sasaran Museum of Art, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
State of Mexico Watercolour Museum, Toluca 
Arad Museum of Arts, Romania
Department of Culture, Media and Sport, London, England 
Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Dublin, Ireland 
Ministry of International Justice of the Czech Republic
Department of Foreign Affairs, Turkey
Muzeum Kroměřížska, Czech Republic
Cavafy Museum, Alexandria, Egypt
PGU Zilina, Slovakia
Municipal collection, City of Nin, Croatia
German Huguenot Museums (Berlin and Bad Karlshafen)
French Cultural Centre, Boston, USA 
Borobudur Temple Museum, Magelang, Indonesia
Maridi Cathedral, Western Equatoria, South Sudan
Biserica Fortificata Cincsor, Romania
Budatinsky Hrad, Zilina, Slovakia
DP Dhar Trust Collection, Kashmir, India
Cavan County Museum, Ireland
L' Association Marocaine des Arts
Christchurch Cathedral, New Zealand
City of Edinburgh Municipal Collection, Scotland

Works in selected academic collections (since 2005)

Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, Japan
Sri Sri University, Orissa, India
Archiepiscopale School, Faculty of Science and Arts, Kroměříž, Czech Republic 
Alexandria University, Egypt
National Museum of Bulgaria, Academy of Science and Arts
International Academy of Digital Arts and Science, New York, USA
Belarus State Academy of Arts, Minsk

Selected other activities (since 2005)

Curator    Terra Incognita, Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin, Rep. Ireland
                 Manifestations of Space, The Island (Lisburn City Gallery), N. Ireland
                 Trail, Saint Patrick Centre, Downpatrick, N. Ireland
                 Dromore Cathedral Annual Exhibition (2001-2015), N. Ireland
Judge       World Heritage exhibition 2021-22, Udaipur, India
                 The Webby Awards (2013 to 2022), New York, USA
Writer for the ISSA Journal (ISSN 1750 - 9386) 
Member of the International Committee (Judge), 2007 Adana Biennial, Turkey


1982 to 1984 University of Plymouth, England 
1984 to 1985 University of Hertfordshire, England
1994 to 1996 University of Ulster, N. Ireland

Working with many great painters in studio based workshops such as those listed above.

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A famous aphorism by Gustav Maller is that “tradition is not the preservation of the ashes, but rather the transmission of fire”. This is an appropriate short definition of what is achieved by Tommy Barr through his works and his exhibitions.
Lyudmila Dimitrova
Bulgarian State Cultural Institute